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About Malta

The archipelago of the Republic of Malta is situated right in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. 93 km (60 miles) from Sicily and 280 km (197 miles) from  North Africa. 

The geographical position is what made Malta attractive to various colonisers that where in the Mediterranean, as a result of that we boast 7,000 years of history and culture. Malta offers from prehistoric sites, that are considered the oldest free standing temples in the world to fortified cities, baroque Churches and palaces, to modern day architecture. 

What inherited the most from the mixture of cultures is definitely the language il-Malti (the Maltese) and the culinary taste buds. During the course of the island's history  the Maltese predecessors showed that they were strong and courageous nation. The ancestors fought two wars were even without a lot of resources, the human resource prevailed. 

The result of all this was obtained in 1964 when Malta got its Independence from the British rule. This was strengthened in 1979 when Malta became completely neutral and free from all military bases. In 2004 the Maltese chose to take the extra step and joined the European Union, switching the currency from the Maltese Lira to Euro in 2008

Local Festa
Valletta Water Front
Valletta Balconies
Republic Square
Village Festa
Hagar Qim Temples
Sant Angelo
Village Festa
Valletta Balconies
Beach at Night
Valletta Night
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